Fluorescent NIR Reference Cards for ICG, Methylene Blue and 5-ALA

We believe, comparing fluorescent specimens to standardised reference values creates an objective benchmark.

For this reason, Absofi has developed a proprietary manufacturing technique that allows for digitally printing NIR fluorescent contrast agents (e.g. ICG, MB and 5-ALA) directly to a substrate, whilst maintaining stable fluorescent properties. The process permits printing concentration scales over a range of scientific and clinically relevant values. 

Please note that these reference cards are currently not for clinical use. Its use is strictly limited as a reference device for scientific, educational and promotional purposes only!

If you would like to receive more information, kindly leave a message or order a demo sample.

ICG Promo Cards

ICG fluorescence has now become mainstream in surgical imaging. Absofi offers ICG cards with high NIR brightness.

Concentration references

Absofi offers multiple solutions for molecular imaging research and industry